Project calculation disputes among companies. Claims based on works contracts, purchase contracts, joint ventures, etc. Consumer disputes, customer claims against banks.
Directors and officers as well as auditors' liability cases.

Commercial Courts are specialized courts. They consist of professional judges and expert judges. Accordingly, they combine both legal knowledge and expertise in the subject matter of the dispute.
Only four cantons have established Commercial Courts: Aargau, Bern, St. Gallen, and Zurich.

A dispute is considered commercial, if:
a. it concerns the commercial activity of at least one party;
b. the decision is subject to an objection in civil matters to the Federal Supreme
Court [i.e., in financial matters the value in dispute must exceed the threshold of CHF 30'000; see Article 74 (1) (b) Federal Supreme Court Act]; and
c. the parties are registered in the Swiss Commercial Registry or in an equivalent foreign registry (see Article 6 (2) Swiss Civil Procedure Code [CPC]).
In some cases, the plaintiff may choose between the Commercial Court and the ordinary court (Article 6 (3) CPC). The cantons may also assign other disputes to the Commercial Court (Article 6 (4) CPC).