The proceedings are characterized by particular brevity: statement of claim to be filed directly with the Commercial Court – appeal to Swiss Federal Supreme Court; both conciliation proceedings and cantonal appellate proceedings do not apply.
Typical proceedings before Commercial Court: statement of claim – advance on costs – statement of defense – court hearing (attempt at conciliation; no formal oral party submissions)– when no hearing has been conducted or no settlement has been reached: second exchange of written submissions – main hearing (taking of evidence) – rendition of final decision.

As to budget and liquidity planning, not only the own legal costs must be taken into account on the plaintiff's side. After the filing of the statement of claim, the Commercial Court will promptly demand that the plaintiff make an advance payment up to the amount of the expected court costs.
In the case of non-performance of the advance on costs, the court will declare non-admissibility of the action.
The amount of the advance on costs is essentially determined by the value in dispute (see cantonal regulations on the court fees). The courts have a relatively wide discretion. Examples from experience: value in dispute of CHF 8.5 million – advance on costs of CHF 140,000; value in dispute of CHF 1.2 million – advance on costs of CHF 25,000.
Depending on the specific circumstances, it may prove advisable to consider an external process financing.

The filing of party submissions and exhibits additionally in electronic form on a USB stick can be useful, as far as it is desired by the relevant Commercial Court. If (in accordance with the relevant rules), submissions and exhibits are filed only in electronic form, the courts may, since 1 January 2017, only in exceptional cases require such documents in hard copy (see Article 130 (2) (c) CPC and Art. 8a VeÜ-ZSSV: technical problems).